Slurry seal and Tarmac rejuvenator.

Old tarmac and concrete can be refurbished to look new by applying a slurry seal available in black or red. Its fine grain, sand-like texture reduces the risk of slipping, seals cracks to prevent damage from freeze thaw cycle, inhibits weed growth and extends lifespan of the surface.

Tarmac will deteriorate over time from the effects of weathering and UV light, causing the surface to fade in colour, dry out due to loss of oils and resins, become brittle which then leads to cracking and loss of aggregate. Suitable tarmac surfaces can be treated with a tarmac rejuvenator unlike so called "tarmac paints" from DIY stores which only stick to the surface tarmac rejuvenator penetrates into the tarmac replacing lost oils and resins, improving flexibility, preventing cracking and extending the lifespan of the tarmac.

The existing surface is checked for suitability and repairs can be made prior to sealing with slurry or tarmac rejuvenator.

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