Power Cleaning

We offer a clean only service as well as a clean and seal service. We use high power industrial cleaning equipment for a far superior clean compared to any domestic pressure washer and a rotary surface cleaner to keep the dirt on the ground and not up your walls, doors and windows.

The cleaning process begins with us applying weed killer and fungicidal wash to kill any weeds, algae, moss spores (not like many companies that clean straight away spreading moss spores and just blast the heads off the weeds leaving the roots which then regrow in a matter of weeks or even days). Next we use a high pressure rotary surface cleaner to remove years of built up dirt and stains making surfaces look new again, some stubborn stains like large oil patches may require use of specialist products to remove them. Now the surface is ready for resanding/repointing prior to an application of sealant (if wanted), to enhance the surfaces natural colour and prevent future weed growth, staining, loss of colour and protect your surface for years to come. We offer power cleaning of driveways, patios, walls, decking, swimming pools, tennis courts and all areas considered.

These are just a few before and after examples of what we can achieve with our high pressure rotary surface cleaner.

Why not get in touch for a free quotation, or if you require further information on the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us.